Cyber Defense Agency's mission is to dramatically cut the quantifiable risk and damages from cyber-attacks to critical information infrastructure by providing the world's premiere information assurance research, technology, and engineering services to leading organizations and companies. 

Risk Assessment
Improve your organization's security posture

Cyber Defense Agency offers mission-effective security assessments to ensure you comply with industry regulations and standards, and to help you minimize exposure to damaging threats.
It is not enough to just identify an organization's vulnerabilities, security risks, or even follow a security checklist; key decision makers need quantified information that assesses their security risk in terms of impact on your business' mission.
CDA developed a process called Mission, Impact Risk Reduction with Objective Rationale (MIRROR) jointly with the National Security Agency to address complex cyber-security problems. CDA has successfully used MIRROR to assess the risks of large, diverse systems within the U.S. Department of Defense. CDA plans to extend MIRROR to other sectors to provide security engineering to critical infrastructure providers.

Information Security Systems Testing
Design, development and implementation of your system

Cyber Defense Agency provides design, development, and implementation of testing architectures and plans for advanced information assurance and information operations system research and development technologies. Cyber Defense Agency applies its unique skills to evolve and extend information assurance knowledge in experimental testbeds that model actual operational systems. Cyber Defense Agency integrates advanced information assurance and operations technology knowledge with well-defined experimentation processes to yield sound scientific results. Services include planning, execution, and data analysis. Results provide a sound basis to assess alternative approaches, designs, and technologies.

Security Policy Engineering
Security enforcement policy that spans the enterprise

IT security is a dynamic, confusing, complicated and fragmented discipline. It is difficult, even for security professionals to understand and keep up with the ever-changing nature of the vulnerabilities, attacks, solutions, and regulations.  Cyber Defense Agency works with clients to build sensible and effect security policies in a range of enterprise systems to ensure that an organization's mission is protected while still being able to be efficient and effective in operations.