Cyber Defense Agency's business is defending information and mission systems. We help secure the nation's critical infrastructure in both government and commercial sectors.  CDA consultants average over 25 years of experience in the security arena. We provide consulting services, as well as lead projects in information assurance and survivability.

Our Executive Team

O. Sami Saydjari
President and Founder

Mr. O. Sami Saydjari is the founder and President of Cyber Defense Agency. Under his leadership and guidance, Mr. Saydjari has attracted twenty of the nation's top security experts to create a uniquely superb national asset to help defend the country's most important information systems. He provides vision and expertise for building a research and consulting organization that creates effective systematic defenses for high-value systems against aggressive cyber- attack. Mr. Saydjari has over 30 years’ experience performing and directing information assurance research, including 20 years as a leader at the National Security Agency and three years as a Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) Program Manager of Information Assurance where he created one of the most significant investments in information assurance in the nation's history.
Before founding the Cyber Defense Agency, Mr. Saydjari was a Senior Staff Scientist in SRI International s Computer Science Laboratory, where he was the program leader of the Cyber Defense Research Center (CDRC). Prior to SRI, Mr. Saydjari was the Information Assurance Program Manager for DARPA's Information Systems Office.
Mr. Saydjari earned his M.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University. The Director of NSA named Mr. Saydjari an NSA fellow in 1993 and 1994. He has published more than a dozen technical papers in the field of information security and has presented the results of his research at both such as the National Cryptologic Quarterly, the National Computer Security Conference, IEEE Security and Privacy Conference, and the ACM New Security Paradigms Workshop.

Paul R. Capozzola
Chief Operating Officer

Paul Capozzola is the Chief Operating Officer for the Cyber Defense Agency.  He is responsible for providing consulting services, directing business development, and recruiting.

Prior to joining CDA, Paul held senior management positions at major aerospace & defense, global security, and information technology firms. He has successfully led multiple implementation projects in support of a US national intelligence organization.  Paul served as the Director of Operations for CSC’s $1.3B Enforcement, Security & Intelligence Division. Prior to CSC, Paul managed national and regional consulting practices for Oracle Corporation, and was the Sr. Program Manager for Advanced Technology Integration at IBM.
Paul has a Master‘s of Business Administration degree from Syracuse University. He is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Carol Muehrcke
Security Policy and Industrial Control System Security Expert

Dr. Carol Muehrcke is a senior security policy expert as well as an expert in security of industrial control systems. She has lead many cutting edge cyber security research and development initiatives.  She has 13 years of experience in security-related product development and assurance.

Prior to CDA, she led commercial software development projects to bring new security technologies to market, including the 3Com Embedded Firewall, where this technology was transferred from the DARPA Autonomic Distributed Firewall (ADF) program.  She previously led the assurance effort for major NSA-sponsored development programs for high assurance Guard systems.

Additionally, Dr. Muehrcke has 9 years experience in systems engineering for advanced manufacturing systems at Bell Laboratories.  Her specialties include analytic assurance methods and integration with software development, requirements engineering, architecture level trust analysis and project management.

Dr. Muehrcke has a Ph.D., in Mathematics from Rutgers University and an A.B. in Mathematics from Reed College.

Roy Maxion
Chief Scientist

Roy Maxion, PhD,  brings a broad background to his position as Chief Scientist at CDA, with degrees in mathematics, computer science and cognitive/psychological science.  He has a strong research expertise in highly-reliable systems, human-computer interaction, computer security, biometrics and the science of  cyber-security.  Dr. Maxion's experience includes developing dependable systems for automated detection, diagnosis and remediation of faulty or unanticipated events in many domains -- international banking, telecommunications networks, digital libraries, vendor help systems, semiconductor fabrication and others.

Dr. Maxion received a PhD in Cognitive Science, from the University of Colorado